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Exclamation Looking for my guardians.

This thread is about an anime called Hitman reborn. I suggest the only people that take part in this is the people that understand it.

Go on this site :

Answer the questions as honestly as you can and reply here what you got.

I recieved the sky ring.
Those who possess sky flames are exceedingly rare, and possibly the most powerful people in the world. The characteristic of harmony is said to maintain the balance between the other flames, and contains neither contradiction nor conflict. Unlike the rain flames, the sky flames do not extinguish other flames but instead calms the box weapons and controls it in a way such as petrification which is neither a form of conflict or contradiction. The sky flames are able to utilize any type of weapon box, although not as effectively as the proper flame.

This is only for a bit of fun. Thanks to anyone that takes part.
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