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Default Re: Who would YOU meet?

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
Pretty much anyone and everyone!

Would be cool to see Kenny and Sarah, fellow admins, though they both live quite far from me!

And Ryan. The guy lives in California, albeit 6 to 7 hours away. I'll corner him someday!

Definitely anyone on the site/forum staff or any URPGers. Would love to see Pe2K members in general as we're really just one big family. Online or off, it makes no difference.

I'm in LA if anyone ever wants to hit me up!
WOAH. PEOPLE I CAN ACTUALLY MEET IN IRL. Too bad I'm a mod, so I can't have a life. :P BUT, I would meet Minty (If I could ACTUALLY go to Canada), TE, Eti, Seal, Ant, everybody should be saying Kenny, Dredd, Kaoru, and I would say Steak, but I see his identity needs to be secret, being a super-hero and stuff. Well, I could see The Judge any day! IF I can find a theater that still plays Dredd 3D. :P

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