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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Back in action! WOO! :D


Name: Yuri

Species: Pikachu

History: Yuri was born and raised in the forest. She grew up alone because her parents abandoned her not long after she could take care of herself. She tends to be bossy and tell others right from wrong. She is like the mother she never had, and hopes she will treat her own children better than her parents treated her. After hearing about a near by valley that was attacked by an army led by an Arcanine she decided to help the surviving valley pokemon the best she can. She is very wary of strangers, but trusts those she knows better.

Personality: A good kindhearted pokemon who believes there's good in everyone. She is rather skittish and startles easily. She likes to be the one in charge and tends to boss others.

Appearance: Like a normal Pikachu, but the brown markings on her back are black in color, and her electric sacs are pink.

Name: Isla *Pronounced I-Luh*

Species: Leafeon

Gender: Female

History: Isla grew up in the valley with her mother Espeon and father Glaceon. She had numerous siblings. Her family was killed when the army attacked the valley. Being the sole survivor she wants to someday get justice for her family's murder. She would do anything for her friends, but nothing extreme. She helps any in need whenever possible. But after her family was killed she shut herself up in her own world. She hardly speaks to anyone now.

Personality: A very kind-hearted Leafeon, but after her family was killed she became rather cold-hearted. She usually shuns most Pokemon not wanting anything to do with them. She still cares and hopes that one day she can trust others again.

Appearance: Her leaves are pale pink instead of green like most Leafeon's. Most of the other Eevee evolutions outside her family would shun her because of the way she looks. During the attack on the Valley she was confronted by an enemy Mightyena. She was left with cuts and bruises and a large bite wound on her back that pains her when she walks. She wears a blue ribbon around her neck to symbolize her family.

Name: Flash

Species: Flareon

Gender: Male

History: Flash was born and raised in the valley, with two sister, both Jolteon who perished when Firestorm's army attacked. He and his sister's lived with a large group of Eevee evolutions and were the biggest tormentors of a strange colored Leafeon named Isla. They, like many others, shunned the Leafeon because of her strange color, unlike that of any normal or shiny Leafeon. Flash was the only survivor of his family to escape from the valley, but not before receiving some rather bad wounds from a Pinsir. He left the valley, but couldn't put a good distance between him and the valley due to a leg injury. As the injury began getting better, he quickly got on the move again, heading into unfamiliar swampy territory.

Personality: A a kind Flareon when he wants to be, Flash is the kind who can insult someone without really meaning to or knowing that he was doing it. He avoids talking about his family with anyone because it brings up painful memories.

Appearance: Like that of a normal Flareon, with a large scar on his left hind leg and a large, deep cut on his front right paw that has given him a slight limp because he has no time to rest for long before he started moving again.
Credit to Dylan for the avvie and banner. :D

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