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Default Re: Top 10 Best Pokemon-Make Your Own List!

#10 Sandslash - This dude was a boss in Blue. I think every other attack was a critical hit
#9 Zangoose - My Zangoose was amazing in Ruby. Water Pulse, Shock Wave, Flamethrower, and Slash. We were unstoppable
#8 Gigalith - He might be slow, but with sturdy, and a high attack power he can make the most of moving second
#7 Absol - This guy's Dex entry always intruiged me. A Pokemon that was seen around Natural disasters? WICKED!
#6 Umbreon - She's graceful, but she'll put you in your place with Toxic and Confuse Ray!
#5 Giratina - Master of Anti-matter and the Reverse world. Simply amazing.
#4 Drifblim - DAT HP STAT! A ghost/flying type that can learn electric moves too? Sign me up!
#3 Grovyle - Much cooler than Sceptile in my opinion. Quick and strong, plus with a wide variety of moves to cover some weaknesses.
#2 Blaziken - Everything about this Pokemon was cool to me, even when all I saw was a silhouette during the Ruby/Sapphire teasers! Being the first Fire/Fighting type put it at a disadvantage against the overrated Charizard, but breeding it to know Rock Slide in Ruby, and then tutoring it to learn Thunderpunch in Emerald solved that problem.
#1 Blastoise - A big armored tank of a Pokemon that can shoot high pressured water from his back. Blastoise has been, is, and will always be my favorite Pokemon. Slap Ice Beam, Scald, Surf, and Dig on this bad boy to cover all the angles in a fight!
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