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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

Originally Posted by Faith View Post
Third, homosexuality is found in nature. It is something that could fulfill a role, such as a homosexual who helps care for children of a family member rather than producing new children. This could give living offspring a better chance at survival rather than produce more offspring that might not have enough resources to live.
There are actually studies showing that gay primates help protect their troops. Basically, the alpha male gorilla sees no threat from the gay one, which is quite often its offspring or brother, and therefore does not chase it away. However, the gay gorilla helps the alpha male by keeping other male gorillas away who may try to oust the alpha. The gay gorilla has the same strength and athletic ability as their straight counterparts, so it gives double the protection for the troop without causing competition for the alpha. From this study, it is theorised that homosexuality is a genetic trait which may not lead to reproduction for the individual, however it helps the survival of its family.

I would certainly also argue that homosexuality is natural, as it occurs in basically every single animal on the planet. I know it's cliché, but homophobia only exists in one. Go figure.

Kenny, while ethics in its purest form may be considered to be without cultural or religious reference, it is simply not true in practice. Ethics are entirely subjective, and tuned to the culture in which the individual exists. People who are raised in one culture or religion will likely have a different sense of morality and ethics than one raised in another, the severity of the difference is directly proportional to the difference in culture.

In my opinion, because of a whole bunch of different reasons, homosexuality is a completely normal behaviour and not in any way unethical. It doesn't hurt anyone, however some people believe that it is unethical, and they tend to be the ones that hurt those that are gay. In the truest sense of ethics, homosexuality should not be considered unethical as it does not hurt anyone, nor take away the rights or ability to live of anyone else. Unfortunately, not everyone's ethical sense agrees with that.
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