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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: JC
Currently: On Route 1 Talking to PJ
In party:


The Beedrill appeared. JC being a seasoned vet made a move quickly grabbing Chimchar and rolling back. JC should have been nervous but he had trained Flying/Ground pokemon his whole life. JC looked over to PJ..
"Okay stay focused, we will get through this !"

JC rolled back.
"Areo give me a sandstorm to blind these beedrills ! "

Pidgey flew off the branch moving swiftly towards the beedrill. He kicked up a sandstrom giving JC and PJ enough time to move back. With the time JC looked down at Ashley.
"The Beedrill is going to break through that storm soon."
Chimchar looked up to him smiling.
"Charrrr !"

JC smiled.
"lets focus ! on an ember !"

JC watches as the lances pierced the cloud. Chimchar jumps up firing a strong ember covering Beedrill.

JC looked back at Pidgey.
"Lets help her out ! gust !"

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