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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Trainer: Zetsu
Party: Skorupi (Starter)
Currently: Professor Cedar's Laboratory.

Zetsu stares out the sliding doors of Cedar's lab, the rain pouring heavily and very low visibility outside...

"Hmm, I guess this is as good a time as any, to aquaint myself with my partner" he thought to himself, staring at his pokeball.

"Come on out, Skorupi!" He said calmly, pointing the pokeball to the ground and pressing the button on the front to send him out.

"skooooorrr!!!" He cried out, looking back up at Zetsu, raising his claws up in delight.

Zetsu took out his pokegear in order to check out the stats of Skorupi, in order to determine on how to raise his new partner.

Met at Andromeda Town
Adamant Nature
"Loves to Eat"

-Bug Bite
-Poison Fang
- Pursuit

Zetsu then shut down the app on his pokegear, looking at Skorupi then smiling.

"Well then! I guess the professor really knew what I was after when i chose you as my partner! Glad to have you by my side, friend!" Zetsu says softly, staring back out the window, Skorupi right beside him, both of them eager to start their new journey once the rain stops.....
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