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Default Re: Route 6

Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire | Mortull | QueenBee]
In Storage:
Currently: Battling Ditto.

As we settled down to rest, I decided to talk to a few of my Pokemon. I threw two Poke Balls onto the floor, revealing the forms of Salsa and Bushfire.

"You two are close to evolving, aren't you?" I asked them, putting my bag down by the trunk of the tree. The two nodded simultaneously.

"Not long now until I'm bigger and stronger, master." Salsa looked confidently at me, looking very keen to change.

"Y-you know what happens when I become a Swadloon, right Eti?" Bushfire's faced was a stark contrast to Salsa - he was referring to the sadness that all Swadloon feel after evolving.

"Yes," I said to him, petting him on the head. "I'll look after you, buddy."

The Sewaddle beamed at me.

"Oh ho ho, how touching." I turned to look at the source of the voice.

"Who's there?!"

A wild Shuppet just came out from nowhere. "C'mon. Those two weaklings wouldn't evolve even if they tried."

Bushfire looked down in sadness, but Salsa glared at the perpetrator. "Our progress is none of your business. Please leave or face annihilation."

"Annihilation?" the wild Pokemon chortled. "I'll show you annihilation."

Suddenly, the Shuppet started to glow white. Its form floated down to the floor and began to melt and change shape. When it stopped glowing, a purple-gum like creature stood before me.

"A Ditto!" I gasped. The Ditto merely giggled.

"Dit dit."

"Eti, are you sure Salsa is up for this?" Pleasant asked me in concern. For once he seemed genuinely worried about us.

"Of course I-"

"Don't defend me, master. Just let me show you." Salsa stood before the Ditto.

"Dit, ditt-" the shape-shifter was cut off mid-speech as Salsa began to charge at it and slice the Ditto's head - a powerful Fake Out attack. Capitalising on this moment, Salsa snuck up on the blob-like Pokemon once more and rammed its dark energy-imbued body into it. Faint Attack sure was a decent attack to use on an unsuspecting Pokemon.

"Dit!" The Ditto began to change form once more, turning into a Makuhita. Quickly, it trotted up towards Salsa and delivered a one-two with its fist, knocking Salsa back several feet. Salsa was quite badly hurt from the attack, and Bushfire appeared to be increasingly worried about her.

"I'm taking over!" the Sewaddle yelled, forming an Energy Ball at his mouth. Once he had locked onto the imposter with his eyes, he fired the projectile straight at the Makuhita copy. The attack exploded upon impact with the Ditto, which caused it to revert back to its regular form. I saw this as my opportunity.

"I'll take it from here," I told the group. I pulled a Quick Ball from its matching bag. "Take this, you overgrown jello pile!" The Quick Ball sped towards the Ditto, catching it off-guard and sucking it inside.
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