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Default Re: GLADIATOR [su/ds]

Jacob, Gladiator name: Cobalt

17 male

Jacob is a synical person. He can't stand optimism, and describes himself as a realist, seeing things the way they are. He has a quick temper, and will get angry easily, but is afraid of a physical fight.
Though he seems like a bad person, he cares about those close to him and will do anything for them. When he becomes friends with someone he will get close to them fast, which has caused him pain in the past when people weren't who he thought they were. His best friend is his Gallade and he would do any for him.

Jacob has a medium height. Taller than most girls but still short for a guy. He has long brown hair, and green eyes, and usually wears black.
When in battle he wears a helmet like Gallades, with armour like galldes body which is skin right, and flexible, but still able to take a hit and resist the elements. Well upload sprites later tonight :)

HISTORY: Jacob was bullied all of his schooling life. His first Pokemon was his then ralts that he caught himself. For the first few months of training, all ralts knew was growl. His school mates all had strong Pokemon which their parents had bought them, and always called Jacob a weakling because of his ralts growl. Eventually ralts learnt to fight, and evolved into kirlia, but Jacob was still bullied. For his 13th birthday Jacobs parents gave him a dawn stone, which he used to evolve his kirlia. Now a with a gallade, Jacob was as strong as his classmates but still lacked friends. When he was 16 he heard word of an underground Pokemon tournament and entered hoping to win the acceptance of his classmates. Jacob entered with Gallade and made it to the quarter finals where Gallade fought a mightyena and was almost killed. His shocking loss caused his classmates to reject him even more as he rushed Gallade to a Pokemon centre. Now that gallade is in fighting condition, Jacob seeks to redeem himself.


ABILITIES: Blades extend from his wrists, and has the swordsman ship of his gallade. He also has telekinesis. However telekinesis drains his energy and is only used when it is the only option. Jacob also has Gallades telepathy, which leaves him 1 step ahead of his opponent, and able to detect hidden opponents. This however requires a lot of concentration and slows Jacob down. Jacob also has the ability to teleport. It's however requires a few seconds of eyes closed concentration. Energy Drain: When Jacob makes physical contact with another person, he can drain some of their energy. The blades are attached to his armour via strong electromagnets controlled by a switch in his glove. With this switch he can reverse the polarity of the magnets, causing the blades to propel off his wrists, or return to him. They also connect to other parts of his body, but the connection isn't as strong and can easy only fall off.

Pokemon (Just in case any rivalries go beyond the gladiator ring)
History explained above. Jacob's favourite
Psychic, Close Combat, Psycho Cut and Teleport
Found Eevee egg abandoned, hatched and eventually evolved.
Bite, Quick Attack, Pursuit and Take-down
Caught at age 14, and evolved
Thunderbolt, Thunder, Slam, Double Team
Received Torchic as prize for making it to the quarter final in the underground tournament. trained it and eventually it evolved. Arrogant, and sometimes disobeys Jacob.
Blaze kick, Sky Uppercut, Overheat Earthquake

This all good? Should be fun :)

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