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Kiseki Kagami from District Four
District Four bedroom

Kiseki relaxed when Caroline gave him a smile, bringing her hands up to where his hands still rested on her cheeks and interlacing her fingers with his own. He started to say something, but stopped when she leaned in to connect her lips with his this time. The blush that had finally begun to die down burned furiously on his cheeks as she took one hand off of his to place on his cheek, but like before, Kiseki ignored it and instead focused on returning the kiss.

"So we'll really pull through this together..." A few moments later, Caroline broke the kiss and spoke to Kiseki with a smile. He returned it with one of his own just before she kissed him again, this one more passionate as she lightly wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

"Oh..." Stefan’s voice brought the two to quickly break the kiss and look at him. If it was possible for Kiseki’s face to get any redder than it already was, it did at that particular moment.

"Stefan!" Caroline whined, bringing the older male to chuckle.

"I didn't see anything. Carry on." He walked away to his own room and closed the door, and Caroline took Kiseki‘s attention away from him by giving a laugh. He looked back at her just as she returned her attention to him as well and captured his lips in another kiss. Kiseki instantly returned it this time, wrapping his arms around the blonde to pull her closer to him as he allowed himself to melt into it. All previous thoughts of the Games and the arena were wiped from his mind; right now, the only thing that existed in this moment was Caroline and this new relationship they shared.

Ichiru Kagami from District Three
Front Garden

"Jeremy gave Aria something that had sugar in it so she's really hyper right now." Ashley responded with a chuckle, and Aria giggled as the brunette looked back at him. "I didn't expect you to be here either. Maybe it's fate."

Ichiru couldn’t respond aside from a smile, although he truly felt that it must have been fate that the two of them met in the first place.

"Are those planes?" Aria’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and he looked back up at the direction she was pointing, seeing a small moving red and blue light soaring across the sky.

"Yeah. Probably a hovercraft that's really high up." Ashley responded, and Aria sat up to pluck a few blades of grass from the ground.

"I want more cake uncle Jeremy gave me." She chuckled as Ashley sat up as well.

"So it was cake he gave you? What time was this?"

"About... a half hour ago maybe." Ashley groaned and laid back down next to Ichiru, who chuckled softly.

"You're going to be hyper for at least two hours now."

"I think uncle Jeremy planned that."

"That sounds about right." The two girls laughed at Ashley’s answer, and Aria laid back down, though this time her head rested on Ichiru’s ribs. Ichiru looked at her with a mixture of shock and confusion at first, although moments later a smile crept onto his face and he relaxed again.

"She's really comfortable around you. Aria isn't usually like this at first." Ashley sounded confused as well when she spoke again, and Ichiru turned his head to look at her as his own resurfaced.

"I like Ichiru." Aria responded and Ashley smirked.

"He's okay I guess." She teased, looking back at the dark haired teen with a smile.

“Oh really? Just ‘okay’?” He gave her a smirk of his own as he answered. “I’ll have to fix that.”

Caitlyn Walker from District Seven

When Caitlyn arrived on the roof it was empty, but it wasn’t long after she had walked over to the edge of the roof that she heard the door to the roof open, which brought her to turn around to see Keiru walking toward her. He wore a set of clothes similar to his attire during lunch time, and carried a basket over his left shoulder.

The brunette turned around to fully face him as he approached, offering the basket to her with a grin.

"Made you chocolate chip cookies, and My God, let me say you look... it's impossible to put into words Caitlyn." He spoke, and a blush instantly erupted on the brunette’s cheeks at his comment, though she did her best to hide it as Keiru offered her a rose that had been in his other hand.

Silence fell over the two of them for a few moments after Caitlyn had taken the basket and rose. She was surprised upon tasting the cookies, which were probably the best she had ever had. She was just about to comment on this when Keiru finally broke the silence and spoke again after nodding to himself and taking two steps back.

"I don't know what to really say as I... can't seem to form coherent sentences in regards to what I want to say... so I'll sing, since I've always been able to express myself through song much easier than speech and I hope it's not too much trouble that there's no music when I said there'd be... I'll just shut up and sing, I'm just rambling."

Caitlyn could only watch and listen silently as Keiru opened his mouth and began singing ‘And She Will be Loved’ by Maroon 5. Even without music, his voice harmonized perfectly with that of the original if it had been playing. The mesmerized tribute didn’t notice that he had been moving toward her whilst singing until he was back in front of her and at the end of the song.

"I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain"
He finished, placing a hand on Caitlyn's cheek and gazing into her eyes. Caitlyn locked her gaze on his own, although after a few moments she noticed what looked like faint bits of flour on the left edge of his lip, and it was all she could do to keep from chuckling at the sight.

She didn’t even notice the rain when it began to fall, instead focusing on Keiru as he began to lean in, although he stopped a few inches from her face. Caitlyn hesitated for only a moment before leaning forward herself to close the rest of the distance between them, allowing her racing mind to go completely blank as she finally connected her lips with his.

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