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Default Re: What Gaming System do you Use?

Full list of systems incoming.

Nintendo consoles:
Super Nintendo, came with Mario World
Nintendo 64.
Gamecube, broken and won't read games anymore. Debating whether to send it off or continue to use my Wii as a Gamecube. It has a Pokémon XD skin on it that I stand to lose if I send it out, but if I take it off it won't stick back on. I also have the Game Boy Player attached, which since the system doesn't work I can't even use it as another Advance.
Wii, original color. I have one black and one Zelda remote, each with a nunchuck. Zelda remote uses white one.

Nintendo handheld systems:
Game Boy Pocket Ice Blue special edition
Game Boy Advance special Pikachu gold edition
Game Boy Advance SP standard
DS original generation, gray. Works, but needs to be plugged in after like 20 minutes. Has a ruined battery.
DSi original. Works fine, but the shoulder buttons are pretty much broken and don't work. Been trying to sell it but can't find a buyer for the price I want. I want at least half of what I paid full price at Gamestop or I'll just keep it.
3DS original, I'll be dammed if I upgrade to that screen stretcher the XL. I play all my DS games on this, except when I need to move something from Pokémon for the Advance.

Sega consoles:
Sega Master System. My grandma got this as a gift from a neighbor for me. It's near mint condition, works fine and is just missing an RF adapter. Came with some kind of old style one which didn't work. I just have the original stuff that came with it. My grandma has it as her house. I made her promise not to get rid of it because it could be worth money to a collector.
Just the original version Genesis which is wider and longer. Didn't know it even existed once until I found one. Everybody I knew at the time had a smaller Genesis. I found it in the trash one day, brought it home and it worked. Works to this day. I only have Sonic 3 and Knuckles for it though.

Sony consoles:
Playstation 2 Slim, which I paid full price for . But could have gotten used probably. I got it for Xenosaga but expanded to other games eventually.
Playstation 3, original generation 60gb which can play all games. I only got one this past June so I don't have many games for it. I'm a late adopter because I was waiting for a price drop.

I'm thoroughly boycotting the Microsoft abominations.

Compared to some people I know, this isn't a lot of systems.
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