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After four days worth of travelling, my team and I had finally made it to the Nova Outpost. The place was not what I was expecting - the village was rather small and consisted of only a few basic settlements. Hopefully one of the nearby huts was available to rent - it'd be nice to rest in a proper bed before setting off for Aurora City.

I had sorted out a room and that night I had a relaxing sleep. The rental hut had a 'no Pokemon outside of their Poke Ball' policy so Pleasant wandered off into the woods for the night - Arceus knows what he got up to. When asked, he merely replied "nothing much" and it was left at that.

All rested up and ready for Aurora, we made our way out of the outpost when I noticed a man dressed up in a red jacket - a Pokemon Ranger. I had heard some of these people could teach HMs to Pokemon - this one could teach Defog.

"Hey," I said as I approached the man. "Can you teach my Ducklett Defog?"

Entered Nova Outpost from Route 6.
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