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You go to inspect the strange objects on the tree. They appear to be long strips of white paper. You pluck one from the branches to see what's on it - the words 'turn around' are inscribed onto the parchment.

"Sup." The beast stares with bloodshot eyes straight into your own.

There before you is the largest and hugest person you've ever seen in Celestia - the light bouncing off of his head almost blinds you. For a second you felt like you were facing one of Groudon's children, but then decided that a Wailord baby was a more accurate comparison. In short, this guy was massive. He grabbed you by the scruff of your neck and pinned you up against the tree - the bark stabs into your back. As you feel it scrape your skin, he grabs your newly captured Seedot's Poke Ball from your belt and twiddles it in his hands before stuffing it in his black leather jacket. "Nice catch", he says before running away with the ball.

The thug is getting away! Stop him!
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