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Trainer: Eti Molo

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Currently: Back on the scene from Nova Outpost.

Our journey through Route 6 had began once more, only this time in reverse. Pleasant and I sighed simultaneously. It would take a whole week to get to Aurora, in which most of the journey was places we had already seen. It'd be a boring trip, no doubt.

"Eti, what happens once we reach Aurora?" Pleasant turned to me, trying to make seemingly forced conversation. I continued to walk along the path facing forwards as I chatted.

"We take the gym by storm, hopefully," I replied, trying to avoid tripping on the roots beneath my feet. "Then we move onto other towns and cities with gyms. Simple."

"What is a gym, anyway?" Pleasant asked me, cocking my head. I forgot that my Pokemon didn't have as much knowledge about being a trainer as I did.

"Well, um," I began, not quite sure how to explain the concept. "It's a place where trainers battle a person to receive a badge. If you win all of the badges, you get to participate in a league for the title of best Pokemon trainer in the land. It's rather simple, really."

"I see," Pleasant replied monotonously. "That must take a lot of skill."

"Pleasant, if you didn't know what a gym was, why did you ask to participate in the Aurora City gym battle?"

The Shuppet blushed slightly, embarrassed. "O-of course I know what a gym is! I was just testing you."

"Yeah, right." I rolled my eyes. Even when Pleasant tried to seem impressive it was a rather lacklustre attempt at best. "So, are you sure you want in on the gym battle?"

"Sure thing. I can show those gym Pokemon a thing or two when it comes to battling." Pleasant winked at me. 'The ghost's cockiness will be the death of him,' I presumed. 'Hehe. Good pun, Eti.'

"I heard the leader has a Gyarados."

Pleasant floated away as fast as he could, screaming. I sighed. Hopefully the rest of the group was up to the challenge.

Entered Route 6 from Nova Outpost.
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