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Default Re: Disappointments

Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
The plasma storyline. it was so damn short in comparison to B/W...well atleast it felt that way, I mean you find a a missing Herdier, see some lame dialouge here n there. fight 2 plasma grunt in the sewers, see then talking in Driftveil, axe a few grunts then nothing happens till you get your 7th-8th badge.

That, in comparison to B/W where the interactions with Plasma were somewhat consistent with their plots etc.
I agree. The game sort of seemed to lack an overall story, while BW was more story-focused. I don't feel like any of my questions about Team Plasma have been answered (though I only just got my last badge, so maybe something big is coming...)

I am a little less disappointed about the subway considering the PWT has triple and rotation battles. I still think they should have included them in the subway though... Rotation battles are way more fun.
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