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You continue up the path, hoping to see a sign of the next route. A couple of times you swear you see that same glimmer of light from earlier through the trees, but every time you turn to look there's nothing there. Maybe the darkness is playing strange tricks on your eyes...

The daylight slowly recedes and it becomes even darker under the thick tree canopy. Through slight gaps in the leaves you can see that the sky overhead is slowly changing into a dusky blue. The sounds of the forest have become louder as well. Nocturnal Pokemon are squawking and buzzing around, waking from their slumber, while others return to their nests for the night. The whole forest buzzes with life and you are momentarily amazed by the cacophony of sound.

As you continue down the path, the buzzing sound seems to get louder. On a broad tree trunk up ahead is a group of Nincada, hurrying to and fro from a dirt pile at the base of the tree. You wonder if there's a nest under there...

As you near, a few of the Nincada stop and watch you cautiously. They don't look particularly angry, but you're sure they would have no qualms about defending their home if they thought it was in danger.

As the last light disappears from the forest, you notice a gleam from the top of the Nincada's tree. A large owl, bigger than the one you fought earlier, waits patiently on a branch obscured by leaves. It watches the writhing Nincada, waiting for an opening to dive down and attack its prey.

You feel a sense of dread for the Nincada who are so obviously unaware of the danger above, but you know it is just the way of the forest and the circle of life.

As you pass the Nincada's tree, their attention fixed to you, the Noctowl takes its chance and swoops, plucking a helpless Nincada from the ground and flying off, over your head, to somewhere further down the path. The remaining Nincada immediately panic, scrambling to their nests underground until all that remains of their party is piles of dirt around the base of the tree.

You continue up the path, glad for the fiery light from Blaze's tail, despite the fact that it makes it almost impossible to see anything in the blackness outside the Pokemon's halo. Up ahead you can hear screeching and squawking. As you get closer, you see that the Noctowl from earlier is swooping from tree to tree, diving down at the helpless Nincada like a cat playing with a mouse. The Nincada is panicking, but each time it tries to tunnel underground, the Noctowl swoops, picking it up in its claws and then dropping it once more. You could easily continue on your path, leaving the Noctowl to its prey, but the poor Nincada looks so terrified. You wonder if you should interfere...

Wild Noctowl and wild Nincada appeared!
Noctowl cannot be captured.

Guilt, I think, is what I first felt when I saw the giant owl attack the little bug creature. But after watching them a while longer, anger rose up within me. The bird was playing with it. As if it was a mere toy! This wasn’t the circle of life—this was outright cruelty! I couldn’t stand by and let this continue any longer. I had to interfere.

“Critter!” I shouted for my rock, who quickly stood at attention. “Rock Blast on the freaky owl, now!”

The Roggenrola jumped in delight at the order. When he landed, skull-sized boulders detached themselves from the ground and sailed through the air towards the owl.

The foe was completely caught off guard. Each rock landed a good solid hit on the bird, who was effectively knocked to the ground. The freed Nincada curled into a ball and quivered in fear. Its predator, however, quickly recovered and shot a wrathful glare in our direction.

I gulped, realizing that I had only managed to attract its attention. Was it just me, or did this thing have an uncanny resemblance to the bird I blew off earlier? Crap, I hoped this wasn’t its older brother… or something.

The owl let out a furious hoot and quickly flapped into the air, charging at my Roggenrola and I. Its forehead began to glow ominously.

“Watch out!” I yelped and leapt aside as the owl charged. Critter dodged the attack as well, and we both watched at the bird flew by. Let me just say, no bird should be that big. I mean, it was probably about 5 feet tall! What kind of world did I live in?

I scrambled to my feet as I tried to think of another attack Critter might now. I have to admit, some of the orders I had given in earlier cases had just come to me. Just like before, when I gave the order for Rock Blast. I guess I could take that as a sign that my memory was returning… or maybe it was just instinct. Either way, it wasn’t helping me now. The owl-on-steroids was turning around and heading back our way.

“C-critter use… um…”

I ducked as the owl swooped down on us again, this time whipping up a furious current of air in its wake. I held my hat in place as the wind whipped at us, squinting as I watched Critter get spun around like a top.

“Smack Down!” I suddenly cried out as a memory struck me. Pain struck through my skull as it leaked out, giving me a brief glimpse of a creature not unlike a Roggenrola. Someone had shouted this order to it, but it hadn’t been my voice…

Outside my little fantasy, Critter was obeying my command. He dug his foot into the ground and kicked a good-size rock at Frankenbird. It hit it square-on in the head, staggering it. With the momentary distraction, Critter jumped into the air and landed on the owl’s back with extreme force, forcing it to the ground. Winded and disorientated, Frankenbird stayed down.

“Finish it with Headbutt, Critter!” I called out, recovering from my momentary distraction.

Frankenbird blearily glanced up in time to see a joyful little rock racing right towards it with its head lowered. It didn’t have time to react before Critter hit it, er, head on. The owl was pushed backwards, flipping it over onto its back. Creepy red eyes now closed, Frankenbird had effectively been knocked out.

I let out a sigh of relief… Thank goodness, that was over.

“Good job, Critter.”

My rock guy rattled in delight.

Stepping cautiously over to the Nincada, I knelt beside it and spoke softly to it, “Hey there, little guy… It’s alright. That big mean bird won’t bother you anymore.”


(OOC: Er, you didn’t say whether or not I could catch Nincada yet, soo… ^^’)

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