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Default Re: Your Favorite Generation/Game?

Going from least favorite to favorite.

7) Gen IV D/P/Pt: The whole Sinnoh region seemed rather boring to me. Nothing stood out or sticks in my mind. I forget a lot of Sinnoh Pokemon, and the ones I manage to remember I usually dislike. The only Pokemon I did like were the ghosts.
6) Gen III LG/FR: It was an exact rehash of R/B/Y. At least with HG/SS there was new stuff added to do after you beat the game. Trainer Hill isn't good enough for me, and Battle Tower got boring after I beat it in Crystal. If we never got HG/SS then this game would be higher on my list.
5) Gen IV HG/SS: It was fun and all, but I was never a huge Johto fan. It was nice to walk alongside Pokemon.
4) Gen II G/S/C: The obvious Special split makes this game great, and if it weren't for the failure of a villain team I'd like it more.
3) Gen V B/W/B2/W2: Cool storyline, cool characters, and the battle trains are a nice touch. It's not the Battle Frontier, which was awesome but I'll hit that in a second, but it's passable. Join Avenue in B2/W2 is addicting, and I thought it'd wind up being boring! The new memory link to transfer over your name and trigger specific battles with your old friends is a good glimpse of what we might see in a future Pokemon game: actual save file transfer. No more silly crossbow minigame, just cut and paste your Pokemon, or put YOUR character in the 2nd installment of the region, like a Red-esque character to fight.
2) Gen I R/B/Y: This game started it all, and holds a dear spot in my heart. The countless hours training my Vulpix and Wartortle to become powerhouses and take out Giovanni... This game will always hold a top spot with me.
1) Gen III R/S/E: These games are the cream of the crop to me. The high framerate, the sprite colors, the rivals, the Battle Frontier, the Hoenn contests, all the new Pokemon. Hoenn was the first and only region where I had a difficult time picking my starter, they were all cool to me. I think there are only 2 Pokemon that I dislike in Hoenn, which is pretty good considering I usually dislike at least 5 from other regions. The battle frontier in Hoenn was my favorite place. The Battle Factory, Palace, Pike, Dome, Pyramid, all of it was glorious! Sinnoh tried to replicate it, but fell short. It was fun to watch Wally grow as a trainer and a rival, and May/Brendan always giving you a little hand with items was pretty cool. Aqua and Magma are the butt of many jokes, but their plans are threatening. When you flood the land for the water Pokemon, people on the coastlines will probably die, and when you set off volcanoes to expand land, people near those volcanoes will probably die.
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