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Default Re: Do You Rememer The Feeling....

I remember back in the day when my friend from down the street would always come over to my house and bring his gameboy color with Pokemon Red in it, and I'd watch him play it for hours. I had a Gameboy Color as well, but the only game I had was the GBC remake of the original Super Mario Bros. I would just watch in amazement on how awesome the game looked and craved it so bad. But he was a stickler when it came to the game and wouldn't let me borrow it. (Who could blame him at that time?.) I remember when the local Blockbuster actually rented GBC games and man was I excited when i saw Pokemon Blue on their shelves. I finally had the game in my hands, I could finally play it on my own. I deleted the previous save and started my adventure into awesome. I picked Squirtle as my starter because I thought since he looked like the Blastoise on the cover that he must be the best. I know I got stuck for an hour trying to figure out how to move past the old man who needed his coffee, definitely thought I needed to get him some coffee somewhere haha. But I didn't care, I was enjoying the thrill of battling wild pidgeys and rattatas with my little squirtle. I had my parents re-rent that game every single week until my birthday came around, when to my surprise, my parents bought me Red version. Since I now knew how to progress in the game I ended up playing it every day til I beat it and felt so accomplished. Then I deleted my file and started again. ^^
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