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Wink Legend of the Warriors

In the ancient land of Drakore, there lived a society known as the Guardians of Isen. These guardians were surperior warriors who excelled in fighting. They were also each born with a element that they control. These elements were known as the Fire, Aura, Hydro, Storm. Wind, Forest, and Ground elements.

For centuries, the guardians protected their homeland of Isen from harm. But one day, a new enemy arose. Known as Aberon, this enemy had the ability to wield the forbidden Shadow Element, a element that is said to be a more-powerful form of every other elements.

The guardians were unable to stop the onslaught and ended up falling by the hands of Aberon. Aberon then became Shadow Lord and brought an age of evil to all of Drakore.

Now, 50 years have passed and eight new warriors have emerged from the shadows of Isengard. Armed with the sacred elements, they must journey to Gildera and put an end to Aberon's reign of terror.

Along the journey, they shall encounter many difficulties. They shall forge new alliances, make friends, and of course master the power of their elements. They shall become The ElementNew Warriors.


-all basic rules, such as godmodding, minimodding, flaming, or anything that breaks the rules of the forums

-first come, first serve when it comes to elements. Only one character per element

-no futuristic weopenry. This is semi-medival, so only swords, axes, ect. are availible.

-ranged weopens are fine, but unnessasary.

-please sound professional. If you know that you may make confusing posts, please don't sign up. Many roleplays I have created failed because of this.

-please refrain from asking questions as seperate posts. If you have a question, ask me on my profile or have the question in addition to your part in the roleplaying

-The Warriors of Drakore have been gone for at least 50 years, so no saying that a warrior trained you, okay?

-and, of course, Have fun.

Sign-up Form:

Name: (first and last)
Other Details:

My character Form:

Name: Auron
Age: 17
Element: Fire

He has a sword that goes aross his back called the Phoenix Blade.

History: The son of Palara and Saphina Ralvarn, Auron was grown in fighting. He learned that his grandfather fought in the war between Aberon and the Warriors and vowed to become like him. At age 12, he discovered that he has the power to command fire after a school fight and decided to train in secret. He believed that if he could master the element of fire, he could possibly go against Aberon and take revenge against his grandfather's death.

Weopen: The Phoenix Blade- a sword crafted by the finest warrior in the capital of Isengard and created from the remains of his grandfather's blade. With a quick thought, Jacen can ignite the red blade into flames. The sword has a red blade and a golden hilt. It is carried on his back in a black sheath.

Other Details: At times, he may reach "Phoenix Form" in which his entire body lits on fire and he becvomes a savage beast intent on killing everything he sees.

Team Silver Points
Total: 22
Spent: 0
Leftover: 22

What you looking at?

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