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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
B]Trainer:[/B] dj-tiny
Curently Entering Route 6 from route 5
Pigd hopeful the a places to heal you at the nova out post or we will will have wasted a few day heading this way
Official's Post:

You are wary of your Pokemon's health. Perhaps it is best to stay out of battles for a while - or any mischief at all, for that matter.

You walked along the untameable forest floor, trying to be careful not to stumble on the stones or get thwacked by the long thorn branches. In your heightened state of awareness, you notice something black and round by the base of a bush. You go over to inspect. To your surprise, you find it is something of value.

dj-tiny obtained a Luxury Ball!

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Back on the path

"Well, we've made it back to the dirt road. Stupid Gastly."

*Is too lazy to do RP stuff*
Official's Post:

'Stupid Gastly.'

You know, you shouldn't curse the name of a Pokemon - especially when their family of Type is around. Ghost Pokemon quite commonly frequent this area, didn't you know?

Upon hearing your complaint against one of their kin, several angry red eyes begin to float around you. You had no idea what was going on - your brain told you to run, but your feet argued back to stand still. Locked in position, you could only watch as countless black shrouds began to reveal themselves. You could not count how many there were - there were simply too many.

Suddenly, they begin to attack! Multiple attacks were headed your way, from fiery wisps to darkness-powered spheres. How are you going to get yourself out of this one?

Wild Duskull appeared!
~Cannot be captured whilst there is more than one of them

You only had two options stand and fight or flee. You dread to think what would happen should you fail to escape.

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