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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Fighting the Duskull...

"D-Duskull...?! Cyndaquil, Skiploom, Herdier...go!"

I throw the Pokeballs. They all pop out. "Herdier, Crunch! Cyndaquil, Flame Charge, Skiploom, Acrobatics!"

They run at the Duskull, knocking them to the ground. What will happen next?
Official's Post:

Excuse me? What level do you think your Pokemon are? There is no hope for you, my friend.

Your Pokemon obey your commands. Herdier sprints and dashes up into the air, trying to drag one to submission with its teeth. The attacked Duskull could not stand up to the blow from the super-effective hit - your Herdier wrapped its fangs around the ghost, causing it to faint and 'poof' into thin air.

As for your other two Pokemon, they rammed into two other Duskull with their respective attacks. It caught them off guard, definitely, but in no way were they powerful enough to KO them outright.

Wild Duskull
~One fainted, two weakened

Now it was their turn.

The Duskull took matters into their own hands. At least ten of the beasts ganged up on your Herdier - they saw it as the largest threat. All at once, they chanted strange Duskullian songs that you could not quite understand - this caused them to slowly shrink in size. After this procedure, your Herdier collapsed to the floor - usually a Pokemon could handle a Curse attack from one Pokemon fairly well if they were strong enough. However, a curse from ten of the Pokemon resulted in immediate collapse to your Herdier.

You're not quite sure what became of Cyndaquil and Skiploom. Using your quickly fading vision, you thought you could see them being butchered by the remaining Duskull by flurries of Shadow Balls and Will-O-Wisps.

You didn't even have a ghost of a chance.

You recall all of your fallen friends to your Poke Balls before becoming one of the fallen yourself. The world around you becomes white.

Corey dropped 5 stars in panic! Corey has whited out!

[Click here to awaken]
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