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Default Re: Do You Rememer The Feeling....

Getting Gold version as a wee little boy, when everyone was well into the third generation. Getting a Corsola from a friend, raising it to level 100 before Clair. The sudden fear of facing Giovanni and therefore, Mewtwo, when I didn't know Team Rocket was looking for him. Goldenrod city, the most beautiful city in the world. Going to Kanto. Battling Red multiple times and losing. The feeling of realizing I could have used that Master Ball on one of the legendary dogs, battling the Elite Four using a team of Meganium, Corsola, Pidgeot, a Tauros, and a few others. The last three because I couldn't win and tried to emulate Ash. The feeling when I accidentally released my Pidgeotto into the wild, crying myself to sleep, then getting a new one. Trying to charge my gameboy 'cause I thought that the poisoned Pokemon was me running out of batteries. Getting a Scyther. Finding my Machoke had gone to level 50 between my adventures of getting back to Johto 'cause I didn't know how to get back. Happy with my team of Meganium, Corsola, Pidgeot, Scyther, Machoke, and Snorlax...

Above all, the feeling, years later, switching on the game, and finding out the battery had run dry, and my save file, with so many memories, was gone :(

Pokemon Gold was amazing, and I loved when Heartgold came out. I should remake that team of Meganium, Corsola, Pidgeot, Scyther, Machoke, and Snorlax.
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