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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Name: Kai

Age: Unknown

Gender: Sexless, but male personality.


Kai is a brand of Black Mage known as the 'Black Waltz'. These dark demons are hellish contraptions, created only to kill and capture specific targets. They are armed with a powerful arsenal of Elemental spells, and all carry staffs of magical prowess. With their faces cover by the straw hats, and their shadowy claws reaching extending from long blue coats, these fearsome ruthless assassins are the shadow on a moonlit night. The last thing you see before the great beyond.

Kai however, has dark emerald eyes a trademark completely different to the usual yellow eyes. This, along with a much more rugged looking cloak and a darker yellow staff sets him aside from the other machine created Waltz's.


Whereas the other manufactured Waltz's are beings created with no way to ignore commands, Kai was a prototype gone wrong. The mists fluctuated, and too much magic was poured into his creation, giving him the power of free-thinking. He thinks and acts for himself, taking orders from no man women or child.

While his knowledge of the world is somewhat limited, he realises that cataclysmic occurrence has happened. He is somewhat of an observer, staying silent and only speaking when he understands the situation and has something worthwhile saying. This does not mean he is friendly however, and treats everyone with the same ice cold stare. Nobody really knows who he is as a person, where his allegiance lies and if they can rely on him. It is without a doubt however, that when he is around his very presence sets people on edge.

Home World:
Final Fantasy – Gaia


When Kai's creation process was ruined, his self-awareness kicked in immediately. Suddenly he could feel pain, yet warmth. Agony and joy. His creators moved to dispatch him, to undo the monstrosity they had created. But his agony and rage was too much, and with no control over his powers he incinerated them all. He escaped from the factory, spreading his wings and breaking into full flight. He was free.

He spent much of his time traveling the world of Gaia, learning what he could. Many hated him, and many despised him and yet, he didn't seem to care. Solitude suited his somewhat different appearance. When the cataclysm that bought the two worlds together, Kai found himself laying in a green field, with strange creatures around him. He was alone in a new world, but that was nothing new. Nothing new at all.


Alex the Luxray

Alex and Kai met each other soon after the worlds collided, and they instantly regarded each other as enemies. However, after staring each other down for half an hour, something sparked between the pair. Alex does not reside in a pokeball, nor is he Kai's actual pokemon as the Waltz does not carry them. Yet for some unbeknown reason, he has never left Kai's side between that day. Kai rarely speaks with Alex, yet there is a definite bond there.

Karl the Toxicroak

Karl met Kai and Alex some time after them two paired up. Hes a hot-headed individual, always wanting a fight and trying to better prove himself. When he met the pair he sensed some great connection between the pair, and challenged them to a fight. He was beaten by the pair, but only after putting up a grand fight. It was then he decided that his path lay with Kai and Alex, for better or for worse.

Link: None

Other: None of the pictures are mine, and all credit goes to the artist. I only used them for image representation.

Kai is a Black Mage, and as a result can use elemental powers.

Many thanks to Neo Emolga for the Avatar and Signature <3
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