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Name: Robert Harmonia
Gender: Male
Age: 15

History: Robert was the only son of Professor Jessica White and region champion and former king of Team Plasma, N Harmonia. Robert had a strongly developed love for Pokemon and couldn't wait to finally begin his own adventures. His father was a legend among the newly discovered region, having shown that Pokemon and people can be partners without the need for Pokeballs. While nothing could truly replace the Pokeball due to the sizes of larger Pokemon and the special needs of most aquatic Pokemon, it was a step towards truly powerful bonds between trainer and Pokemon. The Pokemon could always remain at their trainer's side without being stuck inside a dark ball, and could leave of their own volition if they felt they were being mistreated.

N raised Robert to understand the hearts of Pokemon, to understand their language through empathy, a trait N had mastered as a child when he lived in the forests of Unova, before being adopted by Ghestis. His mother raised Robert to learn how to properly care for Pokemon. She went into great detail about grooming, food, medical care and combat, wanting to give her son the best chance to succeed as a trainer and as a person. Robert took the lessons of his parents to heart, primarily because of their shared love for Pokemon. Robert would often help his parents in the basic care of their Pokemon everyday.

Once Robert was old enough to be out on his own, he began his Pokemon journey with his beloved Espeon. He sets out to explore every region, to meet other trainers, new Pokemon friends and new experiences. His father raised him on the stories of his journey, from the days he was King of Plasma all the way to the founding of the Vertru region. He heard about the journies of the other Elite Four, all of whom were close friends and rivals of his father. He now awaits his first Pokemon partner to begin his journey, eager to see who his first Pokemon friend will be.

Personality: Outwardly, Robert is a very kind young boy. He is easy to make friends with, and he is very respectful of others. There was once a running joke between his parents that you could put Robert in a room full of strangers, and that within ten minutes, he would know them all by first name. He is also a very artistic person. He loves to make sketches of anything that catches his interest, especially new Pokemon that he meets.

Robert is also very selfless, especially when it comes to Pokemon. He will go out of his way, and even into harm's way, to protect others. He has an affinity for Pokemon and will always try to befriend them, even if they are hostile at first. He believes that wild Pokemon are good by nature, and only become bad if they are raised by bad people and treated poorly. He also knows that some are naturally pranksters and some may go out and cause trouble if something has greatly upset them.

Pokemon: (None to start)

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