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Default Re: BW Question and Answer Thread

Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Hey everyone!

I have a question regarding EV's.

As we all know, the Vitamins each give +10 to a stat, and having no effect at 100.
Also, with the introduction of Stat Wings, they each give 1EV and surpass the Vitamin limit.

So with these things taken into account, is it possible to max out my desired (if not, all) stats on a pokemon using Vitamins, and then using wings untill they all hit whatever the max stat increase is?

Also, how do you tell when a pokemons hit max stat?
If you wanted to obtain 155 wings on top of the 10 vitamins, then yes you could max out the EV's. However, there is no point in going over 152 as the number should be divisible by 4. Once you have fed the poke in question the 100 wings and 155 vitamins, it will say that it won't have any effect.

It's probably much easier to just train it with either macho brace or one of the power items (lens, band, etc) attached after giving it the 10 vitamins, and counting how many you obtain, stopping when you get to 152/252 total. It would take an incredibly long time to collect all those wings (on average, you would need to run into 1062 dark spots on a bridge to get the 152 required).

Hope this helps!

- ND
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