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Default Re: Too Old for Pokemon? :/

You can never, ever, EVER be too old for Pokemon. I'm 19 and I still play pokemon like I did when I was 8, with occasional college breaks.. you know. ^^ For me pokemon is a... gateway to my inner child lets say. Every time I play one of them I get attached to my party and enjoy every bit of it, and I feel like being a kid again. If you wanna go play CoD or something I don't care feel free, I'll stick to my light-hearted yet exciting adventure with my 6 companions.
Anyways, I used to trade with a lady on here who was in her 40's a couple years ago and married with a kid I believe, and she played quite a bit and loved it. If anything that just shows how awesome Pokemon is, and the fact that you can never outgrow it IMO.
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