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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Captial City, currently sat on a building roof opposite the Council Building.
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ARP'ers: CM/Charmander009 if they spot him through a window.

Kai was quiet today, even more so than usual. Sitting on the roof of a rather posh looking house, his dark emerald eyes searched the building opposite. Grand and glamorously built it was, a creation of pure wonder. The eyes narrowed as the thought 'pompous twats' crossed through his mind. His staff was held loosely in his hands, and his wings had folded up until were required. Essentially, he looked rather chilled out, for a Waltz.

He -was- attracting stares however, as the everyday folk craned their necks to get a better look. Some from Gaia originally recognized what he was, and quickly hurried on hoping they weren't the target. Some from this world simply stared like moose, amazed at his odd appearance. Let them gawp, i'm separate from them. An entirely different breed of creature. I was made for something more than they could ever possibly hope to become. All they do with their lives is shop, eat, sleep and fart. When that machine gifted me self-conscious I knew I'd never be normal. He made a snorting sound, and looked down to Alex, who was sat next to him.

Alex's eyes were locked onto the building opposite, where they had a clear view of some kind of meeting. He was a faithful friend. Not a pet, no. Kai in no way owned either of his pokemon. He had no pokeballs, and they were free to leave at any point - they both knew this. Yet for some unbeknown reason they had never left his side. Despite few words ever being spoke between them there was a bond, a bond that could not be explained nor reasoned with. It was an act of the gods. And if the gods had gifted him with these companions, then he couldn't have asked for better. They would never leave him, nor would they ever falter.

His eyes followed Alex's gaze, and locked onto the meeting inside the building. Soon he'd figure out what was going on in there. For now, he waited and watched.
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