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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Howdy hey, y'all! Crystal here to-

(c) Neptune's Deciple
Hai people! My name's Kailash and I'll be your co-host today!

... Only cause the fans asked, Kai. That's the only reason.

I don't think so, hon. You enjoy my company. You just won't admit it.

Alright. Well since you're here I have a quick question before we start.

And what would that be, darling?

I have a question about the following scenario:

Wild Audino (♀) used Attract!
Kailash fell in love with Audino!
Wild Audino (♂) used Attract!
It doesn't affect Kailash...

It's not my fault the game doesn't register my preferences.

Sure, blame the game.

Hey! If I could Attract every Pokémon would be falling for me, regardless of gender!

Alright, now let's get back on topic. I did a little research, and even though it doesn't show a difference in the name Desert Resort has two areas, the entrance and the resort itself. So I am going to catch to Pokemon here.

You just want Bellatrix to join the team. And for those not in the know, Trixie is a female Scraggy currently on my trainer's Pokémon White Nuzlocke run. However Crystal here decided that the events on that game do not apply to Spin's story.

White is a trial run for the Unova Nuzlocke, so I could get ahead of naming some Pokémon I could catch. And Scraggy is only located in the Desert Resort entrance.

They're on Route 4 too, hon.

But I caught a Sandile on there.

And Spiny isn't really happy about it.

I didn't make the rules!

Wild Pokémon appears!


Now a male shows up!

Why am I in front?

Because you'd do less damage to a Scraggy.

My sister knows Aurora Beam. That doesn't do much damage to Fighting-types.

Nerina needs a break from battling.

She knows Aqua Ring now! She can heal herself! She doesn't need a break! I'm at type disadvantage with the most common Pokémon in this area!

Wild Pokémon appears!


... They're trolling now...

At least I'm getting battle experience... But I'm getting sand in my gorgeous fur!

Oh hush! You leveled up to level 25!

And I'm learning Ice Shard!

What move to get rid of...

Icy Wind.


Just do it, darling.

Fine. No more Icy Wind. Ice Shard is in its place.

What is with all these Sandile? We haven't been showing all of the encounters, but we've ran into, like, five in a row!

Wild Pokémon appears!


Yes! Don't you dare kill it, Kai!

How can I? My moves aren't that affective, remember?


Problems, hon?

Caught her! Right before the sandstorm killed her!

Now watch, she has Shed Skin instead of Moxie.

... I'm so gonna hate you if she has the Shed Skin ability. It's a good one, but I'd prefer Moxie.

*grins* Also I bet she has a nature and characteristic combination you're not gonna be happy with.

... I'm gonna check, as well as look at Cary... After I go into the resort and catch another Pokemon. Best check all three at once, no?

Sounds like a better idea than going back and then going back to the Resort and then back to the Pokemon Center...


Love you too, darling!

*enters Desert Resort* Now then, let's see what we can find here...

Wild Pokémon appears!


... I ain't kidding. First thing I run into!

Seriously, what is it with you and encountering Pokémon with 5% encounter rates when you first step into a new area?

I dunno! I swear I ain't doing it on purpose!

Either way, you got a name for this guy?

Umm... *goes to name site* I'm thinking Pendragon.

.. Really?

I can rename him later. After looking at the site for a few minutes I don't want to look at it anymore. For now he shall be Pendragon. So anyway... *starts heading back to Castelia City, gets stopped for trainer battle* Seriously! What is with this woman! Everything I pass by her it's a battle. I've beaten her four times already! How many times is she gonna want to battle?!

Game glitch?

No idea... But Pokémon Breeder Irene is getting extremely annoying.

Hey, extra experience and money!

Yeah, yeah, anyway, off to the Center!

*short time lapse*

Okay! Let's look at Cary, Bellatrix, and Pendragon!

Lv. 17
Item: none
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Atk, -Atk)
Good endurance (Def)
-Sand Tomb

Lv. 19
Item: none
Ability: Moxie
Nature: Mild (+Sp. Atk, -Def)
Somewhat of a clown (Speed)
-Faint Attack

Lv. 21
Item: none
Ability: Arena Trap
Nature: Hasty (+Speed, -Def)
Strongly defiant (Sp. Def)
-Sand Tomb

Not bad, though it seems like Pen there will be trouble.

*shrugs* Anyway, I think I'm gonna end this here.

What?! Why?

Cause I want to train Cary, Trixie, and Pen. No need to have this up while I'm training. It'll take a while for them all to catch up, even with Audino hunting in Castelia City square.

Fine, but I better be back next post.

If the fans want you back. They can decide out of all of the characters so far who they would like to be my co-host the next time I update.

Oh! Getting the followers involved? Fabulous idea!

I was beginning to wonder when you'd say fabulous.

Whenever I feel like it :3

Anyway, leave a comment on who you'd like to be my co-host next time!

Pick from any of us Pokémon, or even the lovely Spinel! We all look forward to our time in the fabulous spotlight!

Until next time, folks!
Crystal Momoyia

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