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Default Re: What fakemon are you?

I just decided to throw in multiple attempts at it.

A Ghost/Water rare Pokemon that is slightly based upon a Mustang and a Jaguar
That's what I got first...It's odd.

A Steel/Water mythical Pokemon that is based upon a Marmoset and a Iguana
I got that after a few clicks. I'm not sure what a Marmoset is, but oh well. Mythical must mean 'Event Legendary', so...I GOT A LEGEND, HAHA.

An Ice/Fire ultra-rare Pokemon that is based upon a Fawn and a Hamster

A Normal/Normal rare Pokemon that is slightly based upon a Vicuna and a Camel
I'm not sure what a Vicuna is...But Normal/Normal? That's the same type twice. No, they can have just one type too, this is having TWO Normal types. That is terribly wierd. 4x weak to Fighting it is!

A Ground/Normal legendary Pokemon that is highly based upon a Stallion and a Kitten
I get vibes of Mew on this one, just with added horse and subtracted psychic. And more brown.

A Ground/Poison ultra-rare Pokemon that is highly based upon a Otter and a Chinchilla
Dear Arceus, Otters and Chinchilla are cute ones. Especially Otter babies. The combination of young Otters and young Chinchilla would most likely melt hearts faster than Reshiram could melt ice on a really hot day. Nidoqueen doesn't look the slightest bit ugly or sinister and it shares the typing here, so I guess it would work as an ubercute Mon.

A Grass common Pokemon that is based upon a Hedgehog and a Wolverine
First off, that's proof that the generator could have generated a single normal type for the Vicuna/Camel cross instead of two. Second off, those particular two animals reek of refrence, however unintentional, so yhea.

A Fire/Psychic mythical Pokemon that is slightly based upon a Silver Fox and a Sloth
VICTINI EVO! VICTINI EVO! Of some sort. Victini are Fire/Psychic Mythical Pokemon, so...VICTINI EVO!!!

A Rock/Dragon common Pokemon that is based upon a Gorilla Grizzly Bear and a Mole
No, Gorilla Grizzly Bear. No comma separated there. Also, I find a Dragon-Type of any variety being common in any way come off as odd.

A Dark/Fighting rare Pokemon that is highly based upon a Koodoo and a Koodoo
I'm not even sure what a Koodoo is, but it sounds quite funny. And they said it twice. It's a Koodoo with Evil fighting techniques, in essence, whatever this would be.

A Ghost/Normal mythical Pokemon that is based upon a A** and a Impala
I'm not sure what an Impala is. But...The Mythical a**! And no, that's a Doneky that a** is referring to.

And that's all for now!
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