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Default Re: BW Question and Answer Thread

Originally Posted by Starbom View Post
Not regarding EVs and all but;

How do I get Curtis to phone me? I picked up his lost Xtransiver in Nimbassa like 5 days ago and I havent gotten a call back.

Ive been to the spot where I found his lost item, brought up both X's and i cant call him, despite Bulbapedia saying so... (see below)

"The player can call Curtis every other day at Nimbasa City and receive calls at specific locations around Unova. After exchanging several phone calls, Curtis would note that his work involves traveling to Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh from time to time. The player's relation with Curtis increases as calls are made or received. "~ Bulbapedia
To start, you have to go to specific locations and he automatically calls you. (In these locations there is only 1 Tile that he calls you on.)

Dropped Item Quest

That link pretty much explains it more clearly. It shows pictures of the exact spots he calls you and the locations.

As for my question, I have one last question to ask.

I brought the Power Anklet, and battled a Purrloin. They give +1 to Speed. With that power Anklet, does that mean i will always get +1 to the speed stat (given that 4EV = 1 stat) and also mean that every 4 purrloin i KO will = 1 speed stat?

And is it better to just level up a pokemon 1 lvl at a time? because my pokemon killed a purrloin and leveled up x2.
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