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Default Re: Route 5

Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Exploringt

"Hey!" My shouting scares the Seedot off. "Now I'm all muddy!!"

I strip off all my clothes, set up a fire and bathe in the river. I wash my clothes and put them over the fire. I then jump into the the river bare. I arise from the bottom of the river bed slowly and drip off seductively.

I put on pajama pants and set up the tent. I then call everyone out for dinner. Pokemon food and soup.


After we all eat, I tuck Cyndaquil in bed, recall all my Pokemon, and put them in my bag. Murkrow and I are out by the fire.

"You know, I spotted you on Route 4." Murkrow looked at me.

"You did? Why didn't you want to be caught?"

"I was trying to avoid other...things."

"So, you let Minty catch you but no one else?"

"No, I stumbled out of the bushes after tripping over a plant. Stupid plants."

"You're glad you're with me now, right?"

"Yeah, honestly. Probably the nicest thing I've ever said, but I honestly do. Better than living alone."

"What happened to your family?"

"All ditched me. Momkrow, Dadkrow, Brokrow. AuntKrow. All of 'em."


"I don't know. I woke up one morning a lone. Never found em. I had to teach myself to fly. I head to teach myself telekinesis. All of it. I was just a hatchling when they left."

"Hmm...Well, don't dwell on that. Time for bed."

"Mmhm. Night."
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