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Default Re: Ideas for PE2K!

I personally don't like the report system. xD I check my email throughout the day (at times when I can't get on PE2K). By the time I actually get onto PE2K later on, I've generally completely forgotten about whatever was reported. ^^;

I would suggest instead of using the report function that you VM a moderator of that section/GMod with a link to the thread/post in question. I know I much prefer VMs because I will get them when I'm actually on PE2K and can take care of them right away. There is also the spambot reporting thread in this board which is probably checked more often. =)

Thanks for pointing it out though! And thanks for your suggestions everyone! We're currently working on the disorganisation issue and cleaning up the boards. If you have any other suggestions, please do share them with us! <3
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