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Default Re: What six pokemon would you want in real life.

I live in suburban New York with a rather, undesirable part of town nearby. Based on the fact that there's a swampy marsh behind my house there'd be an abundance of grass, water, and bug types. But I hate bugs and by relation, bug types.

>Mudkip (marsh behind my house)
>Pidove (Lot of pigeons in the shopping complex nearby)
>Pidgey (Lot of birds in general around me)
>Shroomish (Lot of decomposing trees in the woods nearby)
>Pineco (Plethora of pine trees for Pineco to blend in with)
>Trubbish (I hate this thing so much, but there's a lot of stray garbage around here...)

Ideal team?
Pokemon #6 has always been difficult for me to pin...
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