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Default Re: What six pokemon would you want in real life.

Hmm let's see.... I live in a rural area, alot of forestry, with meadows surrounding the town so....

Real Life:
-Combee/Vespiquen. (No matter how many times we take down the nests they always re-build near my window)

-Snivy. (Serperior being it's fully evolved form, and being a snake like pokemon, of course i'd have it. My dad's a Herpotologist.)

-Seviper (Same as Above)

-Purrloin. (We also have cats, and they hurt when they bite and scratch, lol. they can also be mischievous at times.)

-Spinarak/Ariados (we also get alot of spiders here, too. most of our spiders are the deadliest in the world - Australia.)

-Pineco/Forretress. (Take a look at our backyard then ask me again, lol.)

Dream Team:
-Skamory - Steel Clad bird? nuff said.
-Garchomp - Dragon-Shark Hybrid <3
-Milotic - Majestic Beauty get everyone jelly. they be gettin me to breed my milotic so they can get a feebas and get their own Milotic.

-Sharpedo Pet shark would always be awesome

-Drapion Sit on his back and rock through towns like a tank

-Vaporeon So......Damn........KAWAII!!!!!
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WFL Dream Team.
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