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Default Re: Count to 150 before a Global Moderator posts

81. In australia you can apply for your learners permit at 16. then you can apply for your probationary lisense when you are 18 and have 120 hours of recorded experience in your log book. For your first year of solo driving you must display red P Plates on your back and front windshield. On your Red Ps you can only carry one passenger between the ages of 16-21, cant drive anything with more than 6 cylinders, or if it is turbo, supercharged. you also cannot tow nor have a BAC over 0.00. On your green Ps, it is the same, but as many passangers as your car can legally carry. After 3 years of green Ps, you get your full lisense where you can tow, carry as many passangers as you want and have a BAC of between 0.00 and 0.05

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