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Default Re: BW Question and Answer Thread

Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
As for my question, I have one last question to ask.

I brought the Power Anklet, and battled a Purrloin. They give +1 to Speed. With that power Anklet, does that mean i will always get +1 to the speed stat (given that 4EV = 1 stat) and also mean that every 4 purrloin i KO will = 1 speed stat?

And is it better to just level up a pokemon 1 lvl at a time? because my pokemon killed a purrloin and leveled up x2.
Having a power anklet attached to the pokemon you are training and defeating a pokemon with 1 speed ev gives you 5 total ev's towards speed (1 speed ev + 4 additional ev's from the power anklet). If your pokemon is infected with pokerus those numbers will double to 10 speed ev's [(1+4)x2=10].

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