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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four
In District Four Floor

Caroline felt Kiseki instantly return the kiss as he pulled her closer to him, something coming over Caroline which she couldn't explain. She made her way back into her room with her arms still wrapped around Kiseki and managed to not break the kiss, closing the door and making her way onto the large bed. As Caroline laid down and gently pulled Kiseki on top of her she could feel the soft red blanket underneath her which she knew was very expensive.

Normally Caroline wouldn't do anything like this as she took off her pajama shirt and tossed it to the floor, her black and blue bra being revealed as she gave Kiseki a smile, connecting her lips with his again. She was in the middle of slipping off Kiseki's shirt until a loud crash came from the kitchen, bringing her to tear her lips away from Kiseki's as she looked at the door.

"Stefan? Are you okay?" Caroline called out.

"Yeah. I dropped some plates." Stefan responded from behind the closed door.

"Do you need any help?" Caroline asked.

"Nah, I got it." Caroline looked back up to Kiseki after Stefan responded, looking up at the other tribute in shock before looking down at her slightly exposed body. Her gaze went back up to Kiseki, her cheeks burning a bright blush against her snowy pale skin.

"Umm... maybe we should put this on pause right now..." Caroline said, though she gave Kiseki a sweet smile.

Ashley Mellark from District Twelve
Front Garden

“Oh really? Just ‘okay’?” Ichiru responded with a smirk of his own. “I’ll have to fix that.”

"Good luck with that." Ashley teased, though she couldn't help but laugh. After a few moments however her laughter stopped, the smile remaining on her face as Ashley truly looked deep into Ichiru's emerald eyes. The feeling that she had for Ichiru began to make itself clear, bringing Ashley to slowly lean in towards Ichiru's lips. Her lips had only slightly brushed up against Ichiru's very lightly until a sudden raindrop hit her cheek, bringing Ashley to move her lips away from Ichiru's as she touched the raindrop on her face with her fingertips.

"Is it raining?" Aria asked, having felt a few raindrops as well.

"I think it is." Ashley nodded as she looked over to her daughter, who sat up from Ichiru's ribs to look at the two.

"If there's a force-field surrounding this whole building though then how is rain able to come through?" Aria questioned.

"I'm not sure actually." Ashley said, looking up at the sky in confusion. "Maybe people and other things are able to enter the force-field, but aren't able to come back out unless having the proper authority."

"That makes sense." Aria said as the rain began to come down a little harder. Ashley quickly stood up as Aria followed, the toddler attempting to pull Ichiru up from the ground as well by his hand. "Do we have to go inside?" Aria asked. Ashley didn't answer at first however as she scanned the garden, finding a white gazebo with golden lights wrapping around the wood like vines.

"We can go over there." Ashley pointed, grabbing Aria's hand as the toddler remained holding onto Ichiru's, Ashley leading Aria inside the gazebo.

"This is pretty." Aria laughed with excitement and let Ichiru's hand free.

"It is." Ashley smiled, looking back over to Ichiru as the sound of falling rain consumed the entire garden, making the surroundings so much more peaceful. "Ichiru... thank you. Thank you for wanting to help me through the Games and for my family. It's like I said before, I honestly don't know how to repay you..." Ashley paused for a few moments, looking down at the white wood underneath her feet as Aria watched the rain fall. "Why are you truly doing it though?" Ashley looked back up to Ichiru. "You said that you care about me, but I don't want you getting hurt from worrying and focusing on me when you should be worrying about yourself..."
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