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Default Re: Route 5

Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire | Mortull | QueenBee]
In Storage:
Currently: Picking up the five stars.

"Hey, neat," I said to my Pokemon as I picked up the stars off of the floor. "This should come in handy at some point." I pocketed them and pointed towards Corey. "Look, I think he's about to leave."

"Without us?" Mortull puffed her cheeks up angrily. "He didn't even say hi! I should torch his trainer-butt!"

"Cool it, Mortull." Pleasant was eerily quiet, almost like he was anticipating a great event and was preparing for it by keeping a clear head. "He means no offence."

"We should probably head that way, too," I told the group. "We should be in Aurora in a few days."
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