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Default Re: Route 5

Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Him again?

"Hey, that's the same Aron as last time! Well, it's persistent, I'll give it that. It really wants to join huh...Alright. We'll play your game. Cyndaquil, take the stage!"

"I'm ready!" Cyndaquil cried out. "Uh, Corey, this is an Aron. You know, PART ROCK TYPE."

"It's fine, it can't learn any Rock moves by lev-"

Aron started using Head Smash.

"KDGSLKSDG CYNDAQUIL DODGE." Volcano pops out of the way.

"You were saying?" was his witty response.

"Well use Flamethrower!"


The Aron was hit. A flame engulfed it.

"It was burned! It's attack is halfed! Yes!"

That didn't stop it. It stood, then started charging. It's head like iron.


Too late. He was hit by Iron Head.

"Argh! I'm fine. Flame Charging!"

"But I'm the one who is supposed to command you..."

"No matter Corey! Hi-ya!"

Cyndaquil downed the Aron. I took out a Pokeball.

"Pokeball, go!" The ball tapped Aron on it's head, and enclosed it. It began to wiggle...
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