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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Just gotta say it now, while we're looking at it...If this is a recreation of Tin Tower, and Tin tower was once Lugia's roost, why are there Ho-oh pictures everywhere?

*Noticing Monarch getting anxious*...Pokemon are usually good warning signs for seriously bad disasters, they get all anxious...Charlotte, I was expecting to be stressed, Yellow may have just died, or at least gone into a Coma...But...Just looking at him, I get a sense of impending doom. You know?

(According to the games, Tin Tower was Lugia's roost, not Ho-oh's, and THAT was the one that burned down by the thunderbolt. Ho-oh's roost is the Bell Tower (which is still standing) and Lugia currently resides in the Whirl islands. If Sprout Tower is supposed to be a recreation of Tin Tower, then shouldn't it be Lugia they praise here? Of course, this is your canon, Dredd...)
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