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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Zetsu looks down at Minccino, then smiles, reaching for his pokeball.

"Heh... I suppose you'd want it no other way!" He said calmly, throwing his pokeball to the ground.

"Skorupi, come out and fight!"


Skorupi looked excited to finally battle again, flexing his tail and jumping about. Zetsu looked at Minccino, sizing up Skorupi, then proceeded to launch at Skorupi, then slides behind him and uses "Tickle Attack"

"Skorupi! Launch yourself up and use Bug Bite!"

Skorupi then launched himself on top of the Minccino and bit it several times, before flinching away.

Shortly after, Minccino did a mid-flip in the air, countering with Doubleslap, as Skorupi went in with a Poison Fang.

Both pokemon were showing signs of exhaustion, Zetsu could see that Minccino was having a good time, and was beginning to acknowledge Zetsu's strength.

"Pokeball, Go!" Zetsu shouted, as he threw an empty pokeball at Minccino, eyeing it intently, hoping that he had weakened Minccino enough to gain a new friend~
Official's Post

Minccino is sucked into the Pokeball, and it wobbles slowly on the ground...


Minccino was caught!
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