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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(markus i am getting the game map directly from the guide. If the guide tells me thats whats up, i am going off of it. This gold and silver though, not heart gold and soul silver. Either way im going to keep following the gold and silver guide things are allowed to be adjust, and if something is off, oh well must not have been like that in this alternate time also you are in sprout tower, so your character has to adjust to the story, not the other way around. I agree that tin tower is the home of the rainbow wing)

As the walked up the stairs they saw a writing.
*Sprout Tower was built around the swagying stem of a 100 foot tall bellsprout*
the information seems clear but confusing. There eyes change focus to the big beam in the middle the floor then quickly back to the task at hand. As they move up the stairs the fighting seems to stop. Spin signals them to stay hidden as they try to see whats going on.

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