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Default Re: The next spin-off/crossover game

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Pokemon Snap sequel. ;_; I have wanted one since Snap came out xD

I do love Mystery Dungeon and Ranger but I am kind of sick of them to be honest. Time for something different!
Pokemon are in an odd position in the anime power charts, they are more powerful than human anime charecters such as those from the naruto series or one piece. Yet they are so totally dwarfed by the heavy weight contenders in digimon, drgaon ball and yugioh, where all the beings pocess the strength to blow up planets and destroy cities.

So brawling crossovers are unlikely, although pokemon appear in smash bro's series. I don't think fight em ups between two series would work with out overplaying and down playing one or the other, conquest worked as pokemon were under trainers rule.
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