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Default [IA] The World Ends With You: New Game

Heh, these haven't been here in a while. So, this is it! A TWEWY Interctive Adventure. GOD, I love The World Ends With You. So, let's do this!

-Should probably have basic knowledge of TWEWY. Or not. I couldn't care less, really. It's up to you.
-This is a decision thing, so you put what option you want to have and I write. (Mods of this board, if this is supposed to be in the Author's Corner, PLEASE feel free to move this there.)
-First come, first serve. One person at a time can post with the option.
-Team co-op is fine, just don't post discussion here about what you want to do. Please VM/PM each other what you want to do.
-Feel free to leave comments!
-Follow all standard PE2K rules.
-Have fun!

You wake up in at the entrance of the 104 Building. Why were you there? More importantly, why were you sleeping there and how did you get there. You remember being near Roman Don's to get something to eat, then...darkness. You attempt to ask someone for help.

"Excuse me, could you please help me?"

No cigar. You attempt again. Nope, nothing's working. You go into the 104 Building, looking for something new to wear. You're clothes are awfully dirty.

"...What do you want? Here to buy something?"

You have managed to find D + B. ...Wait...what? So, SHE can see you, but you're now invisible to the ENTIRE WORLD? Well, it's her job to "attend" to you, helping you look for something. But, you notice something near the table with the cash register...

A Reaper Decal.

You've studied this before, allowing people who are dead to enter here and be seen by everyone. It is used for...No...

A Reaper's Game.

You frantically check your pockets to see what unfolds, when you find a pin that's black and has a skull on it.

A Player's Pin.

Now you know that you've died and have entered a Reaper's Game. You have seven days to complete whatever the Game Maker throws at you. On the last day, you fight the Game Maker him/herself. You check to see what else you have. You have approximately 10,000 Yen with you. Also, a Ice Risers Pin as well a Sexy D Pin. How ironic.

"Here," The woman says. "I'll give you this complementary D + B Pin. Now, anything else?" Should you buy something, or just leave. You best not hang around, since you might get thrown in prison. You wouldn't want that.

>A: Buy something from the D + B store
>B: Leave to form a pact with someone.

Items in stock:
Pin - Straitjacket
Pin - Blown Kiss
Thread - Cowboy Boots (Red)
Thread - D + B Ring
Thread - Leather Shorts

10,000 Yen
Pin - D + B
Pin - Ice Risers
Pin - Sexy D
Player's Pin
Cell Phone

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