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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

OOC: Posting before the SAT fries my brain tomorrow.

Pierce "Peace" Hopkins, Night Westerly, Cissnei, and Dominic Marten
Little town that has yet to be named
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Peace flinched as the large blue creature smiled at Cissnei, flashing lots of pointy teeth. He listened to the redhead before nodding to her, and she tried to hide further behind Marten, not that that it worked well.

"Kimahri sorry, it was...accidental that Kimahri came through" Peace allowed herself to take a peek at the Ronso. He looked genuinely sorry, however she still stayed mostly attached to Marten.

"It's not my garden," she squeaked, and Marten laughed. "However, it's okay...I'm just kind of jumpy..." But Kimahri had turned his attention to Cissnei. He was looking for something, and while Cissnei seemed to be interested in the person Kimahri had described, Peace was more interested by another part of what the Ronso had said. "Strange dreams? Voices?" she asked, suddenly letting go of Marten and stepping slightly away from him. "You too?"

"Careful, little one, of what you say. Sometimes not every set of ears around you is friendly," the icy feminine voice said, and Peace flinched again. However, she hoped no one noticed, as Cissnei frowned and spoke up herself.

"The person you described...I've only seen him come through here once before. He had everyone on edge...carrying a sword that big..." She bit her lip. When she'd heard a man with dark hair and large sword had been coming towards the town, she'd immediately though of Zack Fair and allowed herself to be disappointed when she'd met the man. "When I spoke to him, he gave me minimal answers, said he was passing through, and did just that. Sorry, I didn't ask where he was going," she said as Night rejoined the group.

"Miss, your Gardevoir is inside--oh, Kimahri!" he said softly, realizing the Ronso was there as he touched Peace's shoulder. The girl whirled around in surprise at the touch before blinking and shaking her head, letting out a long breath.

"Oh, thank you, I'll see to Cam in a few moments..." she murmured, glancing back at Kimahri, wondering if he would answer her comment about him having strange dreams and hearing strange voices.

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"I can never thank you enough," Professor Krane said, shaking the young man's hand. Jovi watched and the trainer who had given him a lift in the bed of his truck nodded once again. A laugh threatened to explode from her lips--Krane had horrible people skills...and as Jovi had discovered about a half an hour earlier, a low endurance where walking was concerned. They had been walking for almost a half hour before the truck-owning trainer had passed by and offered them a ride. The Professor had been huffing and puffing like The Little Engine That Could as they walked down the gravel road towards Hearthome.

"Just thank him and be done with it, Professor," the girl finally spoke up. "I'm sure he doesn't have all day to stand here and thank you, just like we don't have all day for you to stand here thanking him, though thank you, sir. He would never have made it if we kept walking," Jovi said jokingly. The Professor blushed and let the trainer's hand go, and the young man laughed at her.

"You're welcome, young lady, and thank you as well. I was wondering when he would stop," he smiled before giving them a small wave and moving back towards his truck. "Good luck getting to wherever else you're going."

"You too, sir!" Jovi called, waving back before turning to Professor Krane, who was giving her a funny look.

"You didn't have to do that," the older man protested, but Jovi shook her head.

"Yeah I did. You would have stood there thanking him all day if I hadn't butted in," Jovi replied firmly. "Now we can't stand here arguing about it, either. Where do we need to head next to get to the Capital?" she asked.

"I think the quickest way to get there would probably be by airship, however I'm not sure if there's an actual port here or if we need to head to the next town..." Jovi resisted the urge to facepalm.

"Professor, wouldn't that have been a good idea to find out that information before we left?" the girl asked irritatedly.

"Probably, but oh well, we'll find out soon enough." Professor Krane shrugged, and Jovi started walking before she could think of something rude to say to him. The small street they had entered the city on opened up to a large mass of buildings and open streets. Picking a person at random, she glanced back to assure herself that Krane was following her before approaching a young woman wearing a black overcoat and walked up to her.

"Excuse me, miss," Jovi started as she approached the woman. "You wouldn't happen to know if there's an airship port around here, would you? My friend and I are supposed to be headed to the Capital, however he didn't do his homework very well before we left," Jovi sighed.

Reine Noir
Neo Nautilus
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"But if you do that--!" the girl protested, eyes going wide in surprise. The man simply laughed in reply before smirking at her.

"Why then, my dear princess, your father would die and I would become king!" he exclaimed throwing his hands in the air. The girl's surprised expression hardened into a determined frown.

"No. I cannot let you do that," she said sharply, but the man's smirk returned.

"And pray tell, what in the world makes you think you can stop me?" he asked, starting up the steps, eyes focused on her. "You are just one g--agh!" The actor broke off his lines as he tripped on the steps and went sprawling forward, causing the girl to gasp.

"Oh my gosh! Tom, are you okay?!" Reine demanded, running to the man's aid and nearly twisting her ankle in the heels she was wearing in the process. The other actor just barely allowed her to help him up.

"I hurt a little, but nothing too bad. I'll be fine, Reine," he assured her moments before the director seemed to realize her actors were no longer acting.

"Arrete! Arrete! Cut! Cut! Stop the filming!" she screeched, French accent mangling her words. Everyone on the set understood herself well enough--particularly the strawberry-blonde actress the fallen actor had just called Reine. She had been working with Sydney for years and understood the woman's horrific English extremely well...and then there was the fact the girl understood a fair bit of French herself.

"Sorry, Ma'am!" Tom called, brushing himself off and nodding at Reine. "Thanks, by the way," he added while waiting for the French woman to stop screeching in what those working with the Director had started to dub "Franglais"--a mix of French and English that got nearly unintelligible at points while she waved her arms to try and get her point across better... At this point, she had the cameraman cowering in a corner.

"No problem," Reine murmured back before Sydney turned on them, suddenly looking tired.

"We are done for now!" Sydney announced loudly, "We will take a break pour dejuner and meet back in deux heures, okay?"

"Okay," Reine and Tom echoed, though as they descended the rest of the steps, Tom leaned close to her ear.

"What the heck did Sydney just say? I don't understand half of what comes out of her mouth, but you seem to get it--mind filling me in?" he whispered. Reine stifled a laugh.

"Lunch break, meet back in two hours," she told him, heading over to a folding chair that had her name taped onto it where her Deino was curled up. "Hey, Yaj," she cooed, causing the Pokemon's head to snap up and start swiveling around. "Over here, Yajuu. Coming straight at you, so don't snap." The Deino let out a snort before turning his head to face her straight on. "Oh, good job, Yaj, you straightened out pretty quickly that time. You're getting better," she praised him, reaching out to rub the Deino's head.

Contrary to most reactions a Deino would have given, Yajuu did not try to snap blindly at Reine, but rather allowed her to pat his head. After a moment, she pulled her hand back and yanked off the high heels she had been wearing before she broke her ankle. "Alright, we're heading back to the dressing room, Yaj. I'm barefoot, so I'm gonna hum, got it?" Yajuu stood and hopped down from the chair before shaking like a dog Pokemon might. "See you again after lunch break, Sydney!" she called before starting to hum the chorus of some new pop song she'd heard on the radio recently and set off down the hall to her dressing room.

A drowsy-eyed Scrafty sat outside the door, but looked up as the barefoot actress in complete medieval dress approached. DJ quickly gestured to the door, making his droopy eyes comically large. Reine frowned at him and stopped humming, causing her Deino to run blindly into her legs. "What, DJ? Are you trying to say Mother's throwing yet another OCD fit or something?" she asked him. The Scrafty nodded quickly and then pointed to the place where he was seated. "And that's why you're out here?" He nodded again while Yajuu growled, stumbling around in disorientation. "Yaj, calm down. Sorry I stopped suddenly, but now we're going in, okay? DJ says Mother's throwing a fit, so be careful," she warned, and then she opened the door.

Looked like it was just another normal day in the actress' crazy life.

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