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Default Re: [IA] The World Ends With You: New Game

You yell over to the boy with the toy.

"I'll form a Pact with you!" A bright light flashes between the two of you. No backing out now. Oh dear God, what have you done? The wolves start to back off, but one remains. When it leaps at you, another light flashes. You and your Partner have been separated! It's now one-on-one with the wolf.

You look at the Pins you have. The Player's Pin is virtually worthless, so that's out of your options. You have your Ice Risers Pin and Sexy D. D + B hopefully does something good to your Pins, cause you're gonna need it.

You're debating which Pin to use. But, it's hard. REALLY hard. You're running from the wolf leaping at you, trying to Erase you. Now, choose! Choose! You don't have much time!

>A: Use Ice Risers
>B: Use Sexy D

9750 Yen
Pin - D + B
Pin - Ice Risers
Pin - Sexy D
Thread - Cowboy Boots (Red)
Player's Pin
Cell Phone

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