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Default Re: [IA] The World Ends With You: New Game

Oh, Ice Risers, the basic attack you got. This is probably one of your best options. Or not. Well, they're both good. Okay! You focus on the Garage Wolf with the Pin in hand. A giant icicle came out of the ground and speared the poor thing! PeTA would be disgusted with you. It's still alive, though. It can't die, but be Erased. Which is like dying.

The wolf gets up, charges at you, and bites you! Luckily, you blocked it with your arm, but now it's...not dripping blood? Oh, yeah, you're already dead. You're best option is to use another Pin. Or the same Pin. I'm just the announcer/narrator.

>A: Use Ice Risers
>B: Use Sexy D

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