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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Route 2
In party:

(Tired)(Worn Out)(Hurt)

JC stands there looking up and catches site of the Aipom.
"no body make a move..."

Chimchar stops looking up puzzled.

"thats and Aipom...they are one of the reasons I became a trainer in the first place.." JC says in low voice.

" I know a lot about them..if i make a move the poor little thing will disappear."

JC carefully looks around. "It must have come down here for a reason.."
He spots a small vine of berries. JC lets out a slight smile. He signals to Chimchar to fall back and find a way into the tree. Putting a figner over his mouth he warns her to be quite.
"Damn Hop would have been good right now.." continues to say in a low voice.

JC grabs a couple of berries and sits down in the middle of the grass. He makes sure that he is now positioned in a threatening way. He sat there louding eating the berries.
"boy these berries are great ! oh boy I never had such great berries..but i have to many of them to eat !"

The curious pokemon slowly crawled out from the leaves. Moving slowly down the branches getting closer to JC. It stopped watching him for a second.

JC pretending to ignore the Monkey and kept messing with the berries.
"Yup I have to many of them." He tossed a few on the ground below Aipom.
The little Aipom used its tail to swing down form the branch. It couldnt reach the ground so it jumped on to the ground. JC smiled as he heard it land.

The nervous Aipom grabbed up the berry

JC stayed with his back to Aipom. He looked down at Hop's pokemon.
" If you got one last move in you, im going to need it now." the Hoppip looked up to him nodding.

JC slowly turns around.
"Hi there." he says with a friendly smile.
The Aipom jumps back a little. It moves back but stops when it sees JCs hand is full of Berries.

"Would like some more." The Aipom looks around taking a few steps closer to JC. It gets close enough to grab some berries that he dropped only a foot away.

As it moved in closer it stopped turning back when it noticed chimchar jump onto the branch. As it was distracted JC released Hoppip straight in the air. The tired Hoppip floated out of sight.

JC slowly turned around.
"Sorry little guy. "

The Aipom looked at him and growled. Jumping up onto his face and spring boarding into a tree where it used its tail to knock back Chimchar. Chimchar took the hit and flew out of the branch. The Aipom laughed a little climbing into the tree.

JC looked up and smiled.
"Look up !"

The Aipom looked up seeing a sleep powder rain down all over it. The Aipom couldnt avoid it and fell out of the tree JC rushed over catching it as it fell. He fell into the grass catching the pokemon he pulled out a pokeball. tapped against Aipom.

JC still laying down hears the voice, he still keeps his eyes focused on the ball that is shaking.
"Hi Archie..can you give me a second..."
Official's Post

After what seems like forever, the ball pops open and Aipom escapes. "Pom!" it cries and swings back up into the nearest tree. It doesn't flee though, looks like you have another chance!

Wild Aipom appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!

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