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Default Re: Poppy’s Breakfast Table: No Water Necessary

I was thinking about this the other day, actually, but the other way around. I was Surfing on White 2 and sent out my Fraxure into battle. It was kind of odd having my Pokemon apparently being able to stand/battle on water.

In the "real world", land Pokemon would obviously not be able to be sent out in water (unless they could swim) and water Pokemon wouldn't be able to be sent out onto land (unless they could survive/move around without water). I think this was addressed in an early anime episode where Misty sent out her Goldeen to attack Team Rocket, but it couldn't do anything but flop around on land. Splash is about the only move it could perform.

If they wanted to make it more realistic they could do like the above and only allow water Pokemon to be sent out in water etc. It would be a bit more of a challenge.
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