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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Crystal Momoyia | Spinel
Fields outside of Capital City
Link: Latios | Lugia
ARPers: Eternal Moonlight
Crystal watched as the water-type had attacked without a command. She knew how difficult a Gyarados could be to train, and this one in particular seemed to have a violent temper, more so than regular ones. She knew Puck would dodge the move easily, his speed and flexibility being two of his strongest traits. The Rattata then looked back at his trainer, his eyes conveying that he was thinking the same she was.

"I had hoped that we would have a longer battle," Crystal then said. "But it appears that you don't have control over your Gyarados. It appears that this encounter will have to come to an early end."

Spinel noticed the change in the elite trainer and her normal-type. At the beginning they were ready to go and looking for a good time. But now they had become serious, all because Gyarbo acted without Kenta saying anything. She could only imagine what move Crystal and Puck had up their sleeves. It was impressive enough that the Rattata could use Flame Wheel, and never had she seen one use a fire-type move. She would not be surprised if the purple mouse knew a move that could easily take out a Pokemon that appeared to be a lot stronger than he was.

Everyone was so focused on the Pokemon on the battlefield that they didn't notice Crystal flinch...

((Sorry Jaye for cutting it off like that, but since you weren't on AIM we couldn't talk about ideas X3 I'll come back and edit if you want me to continue the idea with Kenta. I'll continue the scene in my next post.))
Cynthia | Lance | Alder | Keynoma Momoyia
Council Building, Capital City
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ARPers: Charmander009
It was evident that the Champions were pleased to hear that Zayna would agree to having some of the preliminary matches on the subway. Some of the stress had been lifted, but there was still the matter of figuring out if they could give her parts of the Magnet Train. It was unusable as is, so perhaps it wouldn't be that much trouble to allow her to get the parts she needed or wanted. There really was no need for railways on the surface. They have airships, but not for public transportation. The vehicles were few and far between, the only one in use mainly being used for military purposes. It was another reason why the subway was needed to transfer supplies; the airships were kept dormant until they were needed, the Council wanting them to be accessible in an emergency instead of on the other side of the continent. However before they could start discussing it, a low hum could be heard. Shortly after the power went out completely, the only light now coming from the open windows. However no one seemed to panic, the only one to seem startled being Alder.

"Another flux," Keynoma spoke. "I guess it's my turn to speak then.

I have done some research into it, and we already know that they are occurring more often. The power outages are starting to last longer as well, perhaps the longest so far recorded being twenty to thirty minutes. I am unaware if you were able to hear the hum that sounded just before the blackout, but from my studies I have learned that it is increasing in volume."

The scientist paused, looking over her notes. It was clear she was debating on if she should share more of the information. The Council members gave the woman time to speak, almost knowing she would share the next bit of information.

"I am unsure if it is related or not, but I have noticed something outside of my initial studies. My younger sister has had some... episodes when the fluxes occur."

"Episodes?" Cynthia spoke, prompting the eldest Momoyia to speak further on the subject.

"Yes," Keynoma continued with a sigh. "They are not consistent, either. Could be anything from a small bout of dizziness to a migraine, and in one extreme case she even blacked out. The symptoms all happened right before or during an energy flux. And once it had passed she was completely normal, showing no signs of the discomfort she must have felt."

((BTW, Char, feel free to take control of any of the Champions if you have an idea for them. They are NPCs, meaning anyone can take control of them at any time. Given that no one else is playing them at the time, but I just gave you permission to use them in your post so there's no issue there.))
Crystal Momoyia

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